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Outsider Peter Marki-Zay to compete against PM Viktor Orban

Peter Marki-Zay, a political outcast with no party association, will compete against Prime Minister Viktor Orban one year from now for leadership of Hungary after on Sunday winning an opposition run-off primary.

Marki-Zay win a victory over leftist Klara Dobrev, who swore to help him at the top of a collusion of six resistance groups that, in the 2022 parliamentary political election, will offer to expel Orban after over 10 years in power.

“We can just win together,” Marki-Zay told a horde of cheering allies, joined by his wife and seven children. “Nobody can break the solidarity of the resistance.”

“This was a fight, however we need to win the conflict too,” he said, alluding to the following year’s voting form. He swore to connect divisions in the public eye, cinch down on defilement, and battle in what he called an “uneven playing field ” with most media claimed by financial specialists near Orban’s Fidesz party.

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