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New Zealand to legalise euthanasia

New Zealand is set to legalise euthanasia. The country has decided to bring in a law to legalise the medical procedure of euthanasia.  

The people of New Zealand has approved a referendum seeking to legalise the medical process of euthanasia.

The referendum seeking to legalise the process has attracted as many as 65.5 per cent of the total votes that was polled.

The victory of the referendum is the victory of campaigners who were working to bring in a law to legalise the medical process.

The final result of the referendum has not yet been released yet. It is expected to be released within few days.

There is less chance that the trend gets overturned in the final result.

From the present trend, it can be assumed that the law allowing the process of euthanasia will come to force in the near future.

The law will allow terminally ill people with less than six months to live the opportunity to choose assisted dying if approved by two doctors.

The law is not free from criticism. Its opponents say the law lacks adequate safeguards.

Matt Vickers was one of the main campaigners who campaigned to see the law come true.

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