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Madrid mass protest demanding Socialist prime minister resign

Thousands of people gathered and protested Madrid on Sunday against the government’s handling of the Catalan question, as the country braced for the landmark trial of 12 separatist leaders this week. Protesters were angered by the government’s outreach to Catalan separatists and calls for new elections in Spain.

The people gathered were weaving Spanish flags and were residing the slogans for the nation’s security forces and for Sanchez to resign. Pablo Casado, who asked the voters to punish Sanchez’s socialists in upcoming European, local and regional elections in May, said that “The time of Sanchez’s government is over,”. During the upbeat demonstration recordings of popular music including Lady Gaga were also played.

The public proceedings at Spain’s supreme court, which are expected to last three months and which will be broadcast on television, will focus on the independence referendum held in October 2017 and the regional parliament’s subsequent unilateral declaration of independence.

Sunaya Paison
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