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Greek Wildfires: Summer Camp Evacuates 1,200 Children as Fire Approaches

A summer camp in Greece has been forced to evacuate over a thousand children due to raging wildfires that have erupted in the country. As Greece endures a scorching Mediterranean heatwave, two separate blazes are spreading rapidly.

In the town of Loutraki, situated west of Athens, flames advanced towards the camp, prompting the evacuation of 1,200 children. In another incident, a man suspected of starting a fire in Kouvaras, southeast of the capital, was arrested by the police. Emergency service crews have assisted numerous individuals in evacuating their homes in the affected areas.

Several animals, including horses housed in stables, were also evacuated. The Greek government has stated that affected homeowners are eligible for temporary accommodation in local hotels and will be compensated later. Despite the efforts of hundreds of firefighters contending with strong winds, the fires continue to spread.

The situation has led to transportation disruptions, with sections of the Athens-Corinth national highway closed by the police and some train services affected. While it is suspected that at least one fire was intentionally started, scientists emphasize that such extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and intense due to global warming.

The intense regional heatwave shows no signs of abating, according to weather reports, and the risk of further fires remains high, as warned by the Greek meteorological service. Thick smoke, damaged houses, and cars were depicted on Greek television, reflecting the destruction caused by the wildfires. Greece has experienced temperatures surpassing 40°C (104°F) in recent days, leading to precautions such as the temporary closure of the Acropolis.

Neighboring countries like Italy and Spain are also facing unusually high temperatures, and further heat records are expected to be broken in the coming days throughout the region.

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