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German nightclub case: Around ten refugees found guilty

As many as ten men, mostly Syrian refugees, have been found guilty in the German nightclub case, which sparked an anti-refugee sentiment in the country.

The lead defendant was awarded a tough punishment of five-year imprisonment. Aroud seven others have been given four-year imprisonment each.

The rest two men has received suspended sentences.

Notably, one person who was arrested in connection with the case was acquitted, as the prosecution has failed to prove the charges against the accused.

Germany was initially welcoming towards migrants. It was the first western country which opened up its borders wholeheartedly towards migrants.

But, the incident overturned everything. It turned a section of population of the country against the idea of allowing refugees inside the country.

The far-rightist politicized the entire incident. It achieved serious political gain from the development. It reflected in the election recently held in the European country of Germany.  

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