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German court extends support to people’s internet privacy

A German court has observed that the authorities had too much access to the internet and mobile phone date of people.

The court has ordered the authority to develop a new law to protect the internet privacy of people.

Traditionally, Germans are very vigilant about their privacy laws. They never tolerate any kind of intrusion into their privacy matters.

They fought and dismissed the authoritarian politics of both the Nazi Germany and the post-World War Two East Germany, on this ground.

The latest directive of the court is serious in nature. It is expected to open up a serious debate on this matter.

The country has so far witnessed several movements demanding the protection of the mobile phone and internet date of people.

The court’s observation is expected to pave way for the emergence of a new political movement, which can force the country to introduce a strong law to protect the internet privacy of people.

It is high time to launch a global movement to protect the digital privacy of people. In most countries, the right to digital privacy is still in a primitive stage.

Let’s embrace the right to digital privacy together. Hope that the United Nations will take up the matter seriously.

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