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EU to offer additional funding to Bosnia to rebuild burned migrant camps

The European Union has offered to provide additional funding to the European country of Bosnia to rebuild the migrant camps which were burned down recently.

The EU has expressed their unhappiness in the way the situation has been handled by the Bosnian government.

The government has failed to rehabilitate those who were left homeless by the accident.

The EU has urged the government to make new accommodation facilities for migrants. The economic union has advised the government to use the additional funding solely for that purpose.

The migrant crisis is a serious issue. It is high time to address this issue.

Bosnia is a candidate for the EU membership. It indicates that how the Bosnian government implements the recommendation of the EU on the present issue will be watched closely by the economic union.

If Bosnia expects a smooth entry towards the union, it must execute the latest recommendation in a right spirit.

Bosnia is a home to tens of thousands of migrants who aim to enter Western Europe in search of a bright future.

The majority of migrants are from Central Asia and Africa, primarily from those areas which has been affected because of war or poverty or both.

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