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WHO predicts Covid-19 crisis will be over in two years

The World Health Organisation has predicted that the present Covid-19 crisis will be over in the timeframe of two years.

The organisation has cited the Spanish Flu experience as the justification for its argument about the crisis.

It has explained about the ability of technology to bring down the impact of the present crisis to the half of its actual potential.

Spanish Flu is not very different from Covid-19. It is a disease outbreak which brought havoc to the world during the 1910s – like the one who has been brought by the present disease crisis.

It took at least two years for the world to recover from the crisis.

During the said period, the world was not advanced in terms of technology.

The latest statement of the WHO is a comparison between the present crisis and the one the earth experienced during the Spanish Flu period.

What makes the comparison disturbing is the fact that unlike the Spanish Flu period at present the world is highly connected.

The Spanish Flue crisis clamed as many as 50 million lives across the world.

The present Covid-19 crisis has killed not less than 800,000 people and left more than 23 million people injured.

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