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The Future of US-Europe Relation

During the Trump regime, the bilateral relationship between the Europe and the United States of America touched its lowest point.

Donald Trump led the US out of the Paris Climate Treaty. He even pushed the country away from the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

The political transformation in the US has overturned the situation. Joe Biden, the new President of the United States of America, has led the country back to the Paris Climate Treaty, which attempts to reduce the concentration of green house gases in the atmosphere.

It is said that the new regime in the US is also trying to strengthen its commitment towards the NATO.

What the development indicates is that what is coming is a glorious period of the US-Europe relation.

It is clear that the US does not afford a strained relation with the Europe, especially when the Asian country of China is aggressively trying to increase its influence over the continent.

As against the expectation, the new US regime has heightened the conflict with China. The US has recently criticised China in connection with the South China Sea issue.

The development indicates that the US does not want the Europe to open a cordial relation with China, and it does not want Beijing to replace Washington in the Europe.

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