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Spanish King in UAE

The Spanish royal family has conformed that the exiled Spanish ex-King Juan Carlos reached the United Arab Emirates.

The announcement has put an end to the speculations in connection with the self-imposed exile of the ex-Spanish king.

Earlier, there were rumours that the ex-Spain king left to the United States of America.

The ex-King faces a serious corruption case in Spain.

His exile has come at the time the Spain authority has tightened its investigation in connection with the case.

Recently, the ex-King denounced the speculations that connect his exile to the ongoing investigation in the corruption case.

He lately asserted that he would cooperate in any kind of investigation in connection with the corruption case.

Anyway, the damage that the exile has made to the Spanish royal family is huge. It has not only damaged the ex-King under the spotlight of suspicion, but also destroyed the trust people has over the royal family.

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