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Leaked documents prove Putin’s close friend committed serious financial crime

As per a set of documents leaked to medias, Arkady Rotenberg, one of the closest friends of Russian President Vladimir Putin, have misused Barclays Bank in London to launder money.

The documents have also proved that the bank has been misused to dodge sanctions imposed over the person by certain Western countries affiliated to the European Union.

Arkady Rotenberg is a billionaire. he is known to Mr. Putin since childhood.

It is believed that financial restrictions imposed over Mr. Rotenberg has promoted him to utilise this fraudulent method.

The development means Western banks have to find a convincing explanation on why they have helped the man to use the channel to move money.

Meanwhile, the bank has justified its position on the ground that they have not committed any illegality.

As per the opinion of the bank, the transaction has been done in accordance with the regulations prescribed.

The Russian government has not yet commented on this issue yet. Russia is not likely to respond on this matter any time soon.

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