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French actress Judith Godrèche accuses director Benoît Jacquot of historical rape

French prosecutors have launched a preliminary investigation following actress Judith Godrèche’s complaint against filmmaker Benoît Jacquot, alleging historical rape. Godrèche, now 51 years old, claims that Jacquot, aged 77, raped her when she was just 14 in 1986, with subsequent offenses occurring during a relationship that extended into the 1990s. The complaint was officially submitted by her lawyer to the Juvenile Protection Brigade in Paris.

Godrèche, who gained recognition for her roles in Jacquot’s films such as “The Beggars” (1987) and “The Disenchanted” (1990), had previously hinted at their relationship in an autobiographical TV program titled “Icon of French Cinema.” Last month, she publicly identified Jacquot on social media after watching a documentary where he discussed his relationship with an adolescent.

In response to the allegations, Jacquot has firmly denied them, as stated in an interview with Le Monde newspaper. He has chosen not to provide further comment, reiterating his stance from the newspaper.

Godrèche, recognized for her performances in films like “The Overnight” (2015) and “The Spanish Apartment” (2002), has a notable career in French cinema. Meanwhile, Jacquot has been directing films since the mid-1970s, with his 2012 film “Farewell, My Queen” premiering at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival.

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