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Boris Johnson loses Brexit votes

The opposition MP’s and Tory rebels have attempted to pass a law designed to prevent a no-deal Brexit, and they have defeated the government in its first stage.

Commons votes have been reported as 328 to 301 to take control of the agenda. This allows them to put forward a bill asking to delay the exit date of the US.

At this stage, Boris Johnson said that he would put forward a movement for an early general election.

Before the occurrence of any election, the bill should be passed, said Jeremy Corbyn in a statement.

Referring to the next European Union summit, Boris Johnson said, “I don’t want an election, the public don’t want an election, but if the House votes for this bill tomorrow, the public will have to choose who goes to Brussels on Oct. 17 to sort this out and take this country forward”.

21 Tory MPs, including some of the ex-cabinet ministers have stood with the opposition parties to defeat the government.

Ken Clarke, ex-chancellor told bbc that he was still “a mainstream Conservative” but he didn’t recognise his party any more. He added that the PM’s “knockabout character” had “the most right-wing cabinet a conservative government has ever produced”.

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