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Covid for 10827 people who have been vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine in Germany

The Robert Koh Institute has reported that 10,027 people in Germany have been infected with Covid despite taking two doses of the Covid vaccine. According to the German Government’s Institute for Infectious Disease Prevention Research, 7,802 people have been vaccinated against the Pfizer vaccine. Covid also affected those who received two doses of the other Covid vaccine, Johnson & Johnson – 1385, AstraZeneca – 682, and Modena – 396.

The Robert Koh Institute says that despite taking two doses of the vaccine in Germany, most of those infected with Covid are not worried about receiving the Pfizer vaccine. This is just a natural proportion of the 78% of the 100 million vaccine doses distributed in Germany up to the 8th of this month being the Pfizer vaccine.

The figures are published by the Robert Koh Institute from February this year. Covid affected 15.84 lakh people in the country during this period. Of these, only 0.68% were confirmed by Covid despite receiving two doses of the Covid vaccine. Most of these are delta variants.

As of August 10, 55.6 percent of the German population had received two doses of the Covid vaccine. Those who took at least one dose were 62.7%.

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