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Volodymyr Zelensky, a comedian and TV show presenter have gained 73% of the Ukraine’s vote and elected as the Ukraine president. He had swept away the incumbent president, Petro Poroshenko, who conceded defeat. This result is a huge blow to Poroshenko and a rejection of Ukraine’s establishment.

Zelensky (41) is a comedian who plays the country’s president on a TV show, who does not have any political background. Zelensky declared his victory at a campaign party in a bar in Kiev, packed with hundreds of journalists.

To his supporters, Zelensky said, “I will never let you down”. “I’m not yet officially the president. But as a citizen of Ukraine I can say to all countries in the post-Soviet Union: Look at us. Anything is possible!”, he added.

This victory of Zelensky comes amid deep dissatisfaction among Ukrainians with their political establishment, and weariness with the war.

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The bloc’s chief executive said on Saturday that there is a still a concern that Britain may leave the European Union without a deal to smooth the way. He urged Britain to take advantage of a six-month delay to work out the details of its departure.

A week after EU leaders gave Britain six months more to exit the EU, Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission President had said this to the German newspaper FUNKE Mediengruppe.

Juncker mentioning the long-term negative impact on Europe’s economy said, “Nobody knows how Brexit will end. This is creating great uncertainty. There is still a fear that there will be a hard Brexit without any withdrawal treaty arrangements”.

The EU extension helps in giving a clarity on when, how or even if Brexit will happen. But, the time should be wisely used by Britain, said Juncker.

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In the Sunday’s election, Finland is tipped to turn left. The Social Democrats were leading in poll. Reports said that The Social Democratic party’s Antti Rinne could be next prime minister.

It have been two decades that Finland is having a leftist prime minister in parliamentary elections.

A survey conducted showed that the Social Democrats could win the elections with 19 percent of the vote, giving their leader, Antti Rinne, the first chance for forming a government. 

With a 16.3 percent support, the Finns are moving closer with second position, after scoring rapid gains since the start of this year when a series of cases of sexual abuse of minors by foreign men emerged. 

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European Council president Donald Tusk said that the UK and EU agrees to delay Brexit until 31st of October.

Mr Tusk, after speaking about 5 hours at an EU summit in Brussels has said that his “message to British friends” was “please do not waste this time”.

PM Theresa May said that UK will still aim to leave the European Union as soon as possible.

The deal of summit in Beussels in the early hours of Thursday meant Britain will not crash out on Friday without a treaty to smooth its passage. But, if got a clarity regarding when, how or even if Brexit will happen, as May struggles to build support in parliament for withdrawal terms agreed with the EU last year.

Leo Varadkar, the Irish Taoiseach said that UK must now hold European elections in May, or leave on 1 June without a deal.

Theresa May, had earlier told the leaders that she wanted to extend the exit date of UK from this Friday to 30 June, with the option of leaving earlier if her withdrawal agreement was ratified by Parliament.

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The leaders of EU had taken decisions to grant permissions to Theresa May for Brexit delay. France urges for conditions to limit Britain’s ability to undermine the bloc.

Prime Minister Theresa May dashed to Berlin and Paris for a meetup with Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron to ask for permission to allow UK to put off its divorce from April 12.

It is not yet clear about what Merkel and Macron had agreed with May. A draft seen by reuters read, “The United Kingdom shall facilitate the achievement of the Union’s tasks and refrain from any measure which could jeopardise the attainment of the Union’s objectives”.

A Brexit delay to June 30 was asked by May to the EU. But the draft left the end-date blank pending a decision by the other 27 national leaders on Wednesday evening in Brussels.

May had said that she fears Brexit might never happen as she battles to get a divorce deal ratified by a divided parliament, more than a week after Britain was originally supposed to leave the EU.

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PM Theresa May will be meeting Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor and French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday to have a discussion for Brexit delay while her ministers hold crisis talks with the opposition to try to break the deadlock in London.

May’s proposal for Britain to leave the EU had been declined already. But, Theresa May is asking for yet more time as she courts veteran socialist Jeremy Corbyn, whose opposition Labour Party wants to keep Britain more closely tied to the bloc after Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn, ahead of further talks between his team and government ministers have said, “The prime minister has not yet moved off her red lines so we can reach a compromise”.

May is due to visit Berlin and Paris ahead of an emergency EU summit in Brussels on Wednesday. The UK lawmakers are planning to hold a 90-minute debate on her proposal to delay Britain’s EU departure date to June 30 from April 12.

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Downing Street has said that the Ministers and their shadow counterparts will go on cross-party talks on Tuesday, as they try to break the Brexit deadlock.

The Prime Minister had not accepted the demand of Labour’s customs union, sources said. But, there occurred a move to change the non-binding political declaration.

Jeremy Corbyn, the labour leader said there had been no change in the government’s “red lines”. A spokesman of Downing Street said, government was “committed to finding a way through” which requires both sides “to work at a pace”.

The UK is currently due to leave the EU at 23:00 BST on Friday. The MP’s have not accepted the withdrawal agreement of Theresa May so far.

It has been reported that May would be attending an emergency summit in Brussels on Wednesday. The leaders of EU are expecting fresh plans aimed at ending the impasse in Parliament.

Apart from this, Theresa May will be meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron in Berlin and Paris on Tuesday, to have a discussion regarding this.

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The talks regarding Brexit deal, with the Government was of no use, says the Britain’s opposition Labour Party. The leaders of the European Union said that PM Theresa May could not convince them, that they should let Britain delay its departure next week.

May had requested to EU for a further delay to Brexit until 30 June. She had submitted a document to Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council regarding this. May had agreed that the country was preparing to take part in elections for the European Parliament in May. On 12th of April, The UK is currently due to leave the EU. No withdrawal deal has been approved by MPs.

The Tory negotiating team had not yet approved any changes to May’s original deal, said Sir Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary.

“The government will want to agree a timetable for ratification that allows the United Kingdom to withdraw from the EU before 23 May 2019 and therefore cancel the European parliament elections, but will continue to make responsible preparations to hold the elections should this not prove possible”, said May.

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UK Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to have a meet up with the leader of opposition Jeremy Corbyn. May had previously said that said she wanted to work with the Labour leader to break the Brexit deadlock.

May is trying to bring out a modified version of her withdrawal deal with the EU, with the support of Corbyn, so that she can secure the backing of MPs. Jeremy Corbyn said that he wants a customs union and workers’ rights to be priorities.

MPs’ cross party group is expected to have an attempt to push through legislation to stop a no-deal Brexit.

Theresa May had taken the decision to have a meeting with Corbyn after more than seven hours of talks with her cabinet on Tuesday. Brexiteers in her party, including former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is seemed to be upset with this deal. Boris Johnson had previously accused her of “entrusting the final handling of Brexit to Labour”.

Jeremy Corbyn had said that he is “very happy” to meet Mrs May and recognised his own “responsibility” to try to break the deadlock.

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As as electricity crisis continues in Venezuela, the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announces power rationing amid outages for a period of 30 days. The people of Venezuela had protested against the lack of water and electric service during a new power outage in Venezuela, in Caracas on Sunday.

Maduro had said that years of government neglect, mismanagement and corruption have left the electrical grid in shambles. Maduro said that the power rationing will be “with an emphasis on guaranteeing water service”.

Jorge Rodriguez, Communications Minister said, “To achieve consistency in the provision of electricity, the Bolivarian government decided to maintain the suspension of school activities and establish a workday until 2:00 pm in public and private institutions”.

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