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The ‘help’ in mud rescued Australian couple

A couple have been strangely rescued from a marsh in northern Australia. The rescue team could find them using the writing “help” in the mud to attract attention. The couple got stuck in a crocodile-ridden part of Australia’s remote northern part.

Colen Nulgit and his partner Shantelle Johnson were having a fishing trip in Keep River National Park, Northern Territory when their car became stuck down in mud.

Colen Nulgit and Shantelle Johnson

Nulgit said to the media, “We were stuck on the marshland and we were right next to saltwater”. Nulgit said that they had seen crocodile tracks in the area and, as the waters rose, they became afraid of being swept away by a large tide, or being attacked by crocodiles or dingos. “These crocodiles that we get here, they’re not afraid of humans, they’re not afraid of anything”, said Nulgit.

A search team had rescued them after a long and miserable fight of about 26 hours.

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