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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and ideal grace.
I love thee to the level of everyday’s
Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight.
I love thee freely, as man strives for right.
I love thee purely
, as they turn from praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old grief and with my childhood’s faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints – I love thee with breadth,
Smiles, tears, of all my life – and, if God choose
I shall but love thee better after death
.” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Nothing defines the concept of eternal love better than these fourteen lines of Mrs. Browning. The poem portrays the depth of Mrs. Browning’s love towards her husband, Robert Browning.

‘How do I love thee’ is one of the truly heart-touching poems the British literature has ever witnessed.

The poem has a soul. It is simple, yet deep. It is eternal. Interestingly, it does not have a defined gender. In that sense, it is universal also.

The deeper you go into the poem, the purer your notion about eternal love becomes. In fact, that is the only thing this poem demands.

What the poet discusses is not the love that can only be experienced physically. Her love transcends everything – including the cycle of death and birth.

What she portrays is a love which is selfless. Her love does not expect praise either. It even fills the usual silence she experiences with her loved one, like it occupies their joyous moments.

Those who have not experienced this poem at least once are real losers. What they have missed is a rare opportunity to feel the taste of eternal love.

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Sanna Marin, the Prime Minister of Finland, is set to become the youngest Prime Minister of the world, after Ukraine’s Oleksiy Honcharuk, 35, and New Zealand’s Jacinda Arden, 39.

At present, the Finnish ‘PM to be’ is only 34 year old. Currently, she is the transport minister of the country.

The road towards her induction has been paved after Antti Rinne resigned from the post of the PM of Finland recently as one of the coalition partners of the centre-left coalition lost confidence in him for his inability to address a recent strike effectively.

The new alternative has been selected by the Social Democratic party itself. Interestingly, the nomination of a woman to the post of the PM of Finland makes the country a true women-led government. At present, all the five parties, which make the coalition, are led by women.

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In the second day of the strike also, the public life has been hugely disrupted in the European country of France.

The strike, which began last day by workers against the pension reforms introduced by President Emanuel Macron, is expected to last at least till Monday.

A prominent workers’ organisation has acknowledged the rumour that the strength of the strike will remain unchanged until Monday.

The ongoing strike has badly disrupted the transport facilities in the country. The strike has literally put the country in the state of complete lockdown.

The strike is a big blow to Mr. Macron. What it mocks is the reformer image of the present French President.

Some workers’ unions are likely to meet today to decide their future course of action.

Last day, in several cities in the country, the strike has turned violent.

Meanwhile, there are rumours that an effort is on to bring the agitated unions to a discussion table with the country’s government.

The ongoing protest is expected to make a serious dent on the effort of Mr. Macron to emerge as the saviour of Europe.

The strength of a leader is the support he/she enjoys in his homeland. The moment he loses that his future as a leader is over.

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International Relations Trending

A new statement made by France President Emanuel Macron clearly indicates that the European country of France is unhappy with the protectionist attitude of the United States of America.

As the NATO members are at the doorstep of a crucial meeting, the statement made by France is of great importance.

Beneath the statement lies a clear message that France no longer trusts the security offered by the US.

Its advice for Europe is crystal clear. It wants to see a European army formed, against the interest of the NATO leader.

The root of the crisis lies in the disinterest of the US to use its money for the betterment of the NATO and to engage more with its NATO allies.

The change of attitude was evident when the US reduced its spending on the NATO budget imposing pressure on its allies to spend more on the said budget and when it decided to pull out its force from Syria, paving way for the aggression of Turkey, without discussing the decision with its NATO partners.

Though Germany’s decision on this matter is not different, it is not that adamant as that of its neighbour.

Undisputedly, a European army is a German dream too.

From an aggressive China and an unpredictable Russia to a protective US, Germany and France are no short of reason for the consideration of their dream plan.

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Crime Trending

In a move which can be considered as a breakthrough in the investigation into the murder of Malta journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, a renowned businessman, Yorgen Fenech, who was booked in connection with the case recently, has approached the president of the country, seeking a presidential pardon in exchange of a important lead he can give to take the investigation in the case to the next level.

His lawyer has recently approached a court seeking the dismissal of the chief investigative officer of the investigative team, which investigates the sensitive murder case, on the ground of his connection with some close supporters of Malta PM Joseph Muscat, who were recently found to have links with the brutal murder.

Interestingly, the businessman has not approached the cabinet with his pardon request, but has approached the president instead.

If the aforesaid developments are closely observed, what his possible revelation can be predicted.

Since the murder of the journalist, the Malta PM is under serious pressure to leave his seat of power.

Malta, a country which is not a fan of violent protest, has already witnessed some violent protest for the first time in its history in this issue.

It seems that the future of the present government in Malta hinges on the words of the arrested businessman.

There are reports that the government has already come out openly against the idea of offering pardon to the businessman in exchange of the lead he can provide to help the investigation.

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Art Trending

A group of thieves have broken into the largest treasure collection in Europe, known as Green Vault – situated in Germany.

Several treasures worth millions are feared to have been stolen by the group. No information regarding that has been released yet.

The German police are examining the view. They have not yet responded to any media personal.

It is yet to know whether they have received any clue about the group who has committed the theft.

Green Vault is an 18th century treasure collection. It is the contribution of the then ruler of Saxony, where the centre is located.

It houses several rare diamonds and similar expensive things.

It is important to understand how the group has managed to escape the security cover offered to the centre to avoid similar failures in future. It is also pertinent to understand has the theft been the contribution of any security failure; if it is so, those responsible should be brought to justice.

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China has released the confession video of an UK embassy worker, who was arrested a couple of weeks ago on the charge of soliciting prostitution.

It is alleged that the employee of the UK’s Hong Kong embassy was tortured and forced to give a confession against his wish. It is said that he was threatened with the serious charge of espionage.

Many see a clear connection between the arrest of the UK embassy official and the ongoing protest in Hong Kong against China.

In the recent past, the city of Hong Kong has witnessed several demonstrations in support of the UK embassy official.

The release of the confession video is seen as a tactics of China to avoid the ire of the United Kingdom, which is unhappy with the move of the Communist Country that has created serious difficulty to its embassy employee.

The situation in Hong Kong has matured from bad to worst. Many western powers, including the UK and the US, have warned China.

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Travel Trending

A Spanish court has ruled against budget flight conglomerate Ryanair, against its decision to impose fine on one of its customers, who violated its terms and conditions by carrying a bag which weighs much higher than what is approved by the flight management.

The court has found as excessive the terms and conditions of the flight that require its customers to limit their luggage to their handbags.

The court has asked the flight management to return the fine amount, which they collected from the affected customer, with interest.

Meanwhile, the court has taken a light stand on the question of compensation. It has found it unnecessary to ask the flight management to pay any compensation to the affected customer.

Anyway, the court direction, it seems, is not likely to change the attitude of the flight management.

The company still says that it will revamp its terms and conditions. The company, it seems, sees the judgment as an intrusion of the court into the right of the company to decide on its internal policies.

Ryanair is a popular budget aircraft. It offers short distance budget flight service. It usually does not allow its customers to carry anything more than their handbags. It charges extra money for additional luggage.

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Crime Trending

Sweden has dropped the charge of rape registered against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whose website is famous for its explosive information leaks.

The incident led to the case happened in the year 2010. Shortly after the issuance of an arrest warrant in connection with the case, he sought political asylum in the Ecuadoran embassy situated in the UK.

Recently, he was pulled out of the embassy by the UK with the silent permission of the country of Ecuador.

Now, he is in a UK prison facing a minor punishment for violating his bail terms.

Sweden says that there is clarity in the statement given by the victim. But, the country feels it does not have enough evidence to prove the charge at this moment.

The statute of limitations in the case is about to end in the coming August.

Neither Mr. Assange nor any of his representatives have responded in the issue.

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Politics Trending

A Hong Kong pro-democratic activist, who has found himself emotionally disturbed due to the ongoing confrontation between the pro-democracy camp and the Hong Kong administration controlled by the mainland, has alleged, in a footage appeared in a leading International Media website, that the United Kingdom sold out his city to the Communist Country of China during the 1980s.

Until the year 1997, the city of Hong Kong was under the UK. In that year, it was handed over to China – but, with a condition that it would not threaten the lifestyle and values the people of the city inherited from their colonial master.

But, the present reality is different. Now, there are many in the city who shares the same opinion as that of the aforementioned activist.

It is the China’s increased interference in the internal affairs of the city that has fuelled the formation of a strong anti-China sentiment in the minds of the youngsters of the city.

At present, China rules Hong Kong as per a one country two system policy. What the pro-democratic faction fears is the gradual transformation of this policy to a much-aggressive one country one system policy – which is capable enough to threaten the present lifestyle and values of the people of the city.

They consider some of the policies the pro-China Hong Kong administration have introduced in the recent past including the much opposed bill seeking the easy extradition of crime suspects from the city to the mainland as the predecessor of that possible transformation.

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