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Indian Beauty Pageant Winner Meera Mithun dethroned.

Meera Mithun, the winner of Miss South India 2016 was officially uncrowned from the title on charges of fraudulent activities. Pegasus, the conductors of the pageant informed the decision in a post on the official Facebook page of Miss South India.

Her deceitful actions came to light when a police complaint was filed against her on May 24th by an Indian fashion designer. Meera convinced the complainant that the Miss Tamil Nadu pageant, owned by Pegasus, was being conducting under her supervision and defrauded the designer into paying her a sum of Rs.50,000 as sponsorship fees.

Meera Mithun, took to the news media when the scandal surfaced claiming that she received death threats and said that there were attempts to obstruct her from conducting the Miss Tamil Nadu Diva 2019 pageant, “I am receiving death threats and my phone has been hacked. My sponsors and models are also being threatened”, she said in a statement to the press.

Pegasus has denied the claims. She registered a complaint to the Police Commissioner of Chennai. Meera also argued that Pegasus and its founder and Chairman Dr. Ajit Ravi have done nothing to uplift girls from Tamil Nadu, despite the Miss South India crown being awarded to two Tamil girls in the years 2013 and 2017, and also successfully conducting the Miss Tamil Nadu pageant since 2014.

Miss Tamil Nadu pageant was licensed to Meera Mithun in 2017 but Pegasus decided to give the licensing agreement to Joe Michael Praveen for the next year. However, Meera continued to use the title and logo of Miss South India and Miss Tamil Nadu. She might face charges on copyright violation and trademark infringement for the unauthorized usage of the pageant’s title and logo along with charges on fraud and deception. It was later discovered that she had lied about her age in the application.

In a statement made by Dr. Ajit Ravi, he said that they have the right to do so as per the binding contract signed by Meera Mithun for participating in Miss South India 2016. “It is wrong for someone to personally attack an individual who opened doors of opportunities for their upbringing.We have all the proofs for her wrong-doing whereas she has none to back up her claims.” said Dr Ajit Ravi.

“Even the age she filled in the application turned out to be false and now we’re hearing news that she was married and divorced. Miss South India is not a platform for divorced women. I have dedicated my life uplifting Indian women in this industry irrespective of where they come from”, he added. His words clearly shows that all the proofs are against Meera.

Several previous incidents have occurred across the world that dethroned some pageant winners due to their misconduct.

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