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Belarus uses force against protesters

Belarus has used severe force to quell protest originated against its President, Alexander Lukashenko, who was recently re-elected as the head of the country.   As per a report, the Belarusian riot police have used water cannon and stun grenades against the protesters. The protest was

Rise in Covid-19 cases worries Europe

In the recent past, the continent of Europe has witnessed a rise in Covid-19 cases. The raise has left European countries in a difficult situation. Some countries have already re-imposed some of the restrictions which they removed. Recently, the Spanish government attempted to impose a partial lockdown in a heavily populated region in the country. […]
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India enters advanced stage of unlock phase

As the Asian country of India, which was the first country which introduced a tough lockdown, has reached the advanced stage of the unlock phase, it has offered several relaxations, especially to its entertainment industry (the rapidly growing industry). Days after the introduction of certain relaxations, an Internationally acclaimed beauty contest has been organised in

Macron to interfere in Belarus issue

French President Emmanuel Macron is likely to interfere in the Belarus issue. Recently, he has promised to help mediate in Belarus. The country has been witnessing protest since Alexander Lukashenko was re-elected as the President of the country. The European Union has declared that it would not recognise Mr. Lukashenko as the legitimate leader of […]

Over 100 lost life in Armenia-Azerbaijan battle

Around 100 people has lost their life in the Armenia-Azerbaijan battle. Unfortunately, among those who have been affected include civilians. The battle was triggered by the Nagorno-Karabakh issue. The issue is one of the oldest disputes in the European region. Armenia considers Nagorno-Karabakh, which is under the control of its ethnic minorities, as an integral […]

Battle breaks out between Armenia and Azerbaijan

A battle has broken out between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenia and Azerbaijan are the two former Soviet Socialist Republic countries. The dispute between these two countries emerged post the disintegration of Soviet Union. During the 1990s, the region witnessed a severe conflict. Tens of thousands of people lost life […]