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France to deploy over 1,00,000 police

The European country of France has decided to deploy as many as 1,00,000 police personals in order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 during the New Year period. The country has already imposed a curfew to prevent the spread of the disease. France is one of the worst affected countries in

EU demands immediate release of journalist Zhang Zhan

The European Union has demanded the immediate release of citizen journalist Zhang Zhan, who was jailed by China as his report regarding the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan irritated the Chinese government. Apart from the journalist, the world’s most powerful economic union has sought the release of several reporters, lawyers and human right activists. Ms. Zhang […]

EU begins coordinated vaccination program

At the time the world is facing a serious threat due to a highly contagious variant of Covid-19, the European Union has rolled out a mass vaccination program. The program has been projected by the union as a symbol of the unity among the member countries of the union.   While speaking to media personals, […]

EU to allow UK farm products post Brexit

The European country of the United Kingdom, which few years back voted to walk out from the European Union, has assured the agricultural industry of the continent that the Brexit will not affect the export of agricultural products from the European country to the countries in the union. The assurance has come at the time […]

Italy bursts ‘Casanova Online Gang’

The Italian police has exposed an online gang, which have cheated several women across the continent of Europe. The members of the gang have managed to gain the trust of the victims posing as pilots, Interpol officials, sea captains and military officials. The gang has been broken following a three-year-long operation. As many as fifteen […]

French Prez Macron tested positive for Covid-19

French President Emanuel Macron has been tested positive for Covid-19. He will self-isolate for not less than seven days. Though he will self-isolate for the said number of days, Mr. Macron will discharge his duties remotely. France is one of the worst affected countries. The virus outbreak has affected tens of thousands of people in […]