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Earthquake jolts Turkey

The eastern region of the European country of Turkey has experienced a severe earthquake of around 6.8 magnitudes. As many as sixteen people have been died in the natural disaster. More than 400 rescue teams have been sent to the affected region. Turkey is not new to earthquake. In the year 1999, over 17,000 people […]

Storm Gloria brings havoc to Spain

A disastrous storm, named Storm Gloria, has brought havoc to the European country of Spain. The storm has caused floods and similar disasters to certain regions in Spain. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has visited certain regions which have faced the wrath of the storm. So far, as many as thirteen people have died due […]
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French Prez scolds Israel police

French President Emanuel Macron has scolded the Israel police as they have provocatively accompanied the President to a church, which falls under the French territory. The church, situated in Israel, was gifted to the Ottoman Empire to France for the latter’s support in a war. The action resembles the one happened during the visit of […]

French history book links 9/11 to CIA

A French book linked the infamous 11 September 2001 terrorist attack on the United States to the Central Intelligence Agency, the intelligence agency controlled by the US federal government. The publisher has later apologised for his mistake. The publisher has admitted the phrase that links the CIA to the 9/11 as a mistake. The phrase […]